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Outdoor Night Event

Whether it's a family event with close friends or a get-together for birthdays or anniversaries. baby shower or anything else. we at Greenscape villa have a dedicated planner who will help you with the detailed planning of your event.


You can also get your own event planner who can coordinate with our manager and make it a smooth affair.

Any event where alcohol is served should take single-day liquor permission from the local authority, help will be provided to get the same from our end also.

For bringing a DJ, or large speakers permission will be required from local authorities for which help will be given from our end. No loud music will be allowed past 11:30 PM,


If you want a small and private wedding for a small gathering of 150 people, green scape villa will be a perfect place for such weddings,


From the haldi ceremony, and sangeet function to the reception you can plan all the events here and it won't cost you much when you compare it with any good hotels in the city. 

We also have an event planner who can help you out in this regard.


Every party is not complete without a sumptuous meal and we know how hard it is to find a good caterer in the city who can satisfy your taste buds, we recommend you to find your own Caterer whom you have already known for years and can understand your taste buds.


In case you do not have one we at Greenscape villa can always help you with all kinds of cuisine that can make your event truly complete.


We will share with you the number of known caterers and you can always choose from what you want from the choice of cuisine, speak to the booking person at the time of booking for any special needs.

You can also choose Bookmychef App which is the new trending app for choice of chef and cuisine for youe event.

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